Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas 2008!

Well we had a wonderful Christmas for 2008. We began the day at Nan's (Pete's Nan) where we've been staying for the last couple of weeks. We made her a delicious breakfast and had some lovely quality time with her... special memories.

We then made our way to my family home, for the traditional Buma Christmas day doings. We sit around eating yummy food opening presents, but we're only allowed to open one at a time and everyone has to watch each present be open. It is a looooooong process, took over 2 hours this year!! I love doing it that way, it's so much fun, and I have to say one of my favourite things about Christmas is watching people open what I got them - sometimes I think I enjoy that more than opening my own!

So after that, we had our delicious lunch. This year's theme was "International Salads" and Mum outdid herself. It was beautiful! Then for our yummy desserts, and then we sat around for a bit playing with our pressies and just hanging out. After that, my brothers and sisters, Pete and I went to the beach for a bit, and then Pete and I headed over to the in-laws, where we did it all again!

It was such a lovely day, and I can't believe that next year our bubby will be nearly 1!!! It will be a whole different type of Christmas, that's for sure. Although bubby had a few presents under the tree already this year, lol.

Okay. Some pictures!!!

Breakfast with Nan: creamy mango yoghurt with fresh mango and sliced pannettone. Mmmmm. And a lovely picture of Peter and his Nan, which, by the way, is going straight to the photo wall!

Peter and I in our Christmas gear ... Bubby's first Christmas photo :P

The snack table... this is what we nibble on while we open presents.... mmmmmm

Pete's Christmas present from me! If you can't see it properly, it says, "Dad's Bible". It's a really cool bible with lots of extra parts about being a Godly father, with lots of examples and devotionals etc.

My awesome present from Pete! It's a handbag he had made with a photo that I took (one of my very famous flower photos) printed on it! It's SO cool.

I think Jack was just as excited by this present as Pete!!!

My family opening various presents: Alexie with her Gorgeous perfume from the parents, Jordan with his new rug for his room (we gave him an unofficial room refurb for Christmas, with lots of new things to upgrade his room from little boy to teen), Bethanie with her picnic gear for her and Lockey's new picnic set from us, Lockey with his new headlights for his car, Papa with his new smell from Uncle Dennis - it's called Million and came in a box that looks like a gold bullion, and Mum with her Tina Arena CD from Pete, which she thought was going to be shoes !!

Our gorgeous table

My bubby from the top view (that or Pete was just trying to look down my top!)

Pete's hot new look. That keyring was his bonbon prize!

The FOOD!!! Entree was a salad of prawns and strawberries with lime, pineapple and honey dressing. YUM. Salads included recipes from Mexico, Germany, Greece, USA and many more. Oh so good. And we had cold ham off the bone and turkey roast. Dessert was my christmas ice-cream pudding (how good did it look finished!) and mum's delicious chocolate swirl baked cheesecake.

My sister-in-law to be, Lisa and I comparing bumps. I think I win.

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