Tuesday, 16 December 2008

36 week appointment

All is good :)

Blood pressure a little higher than normal: 130/93, but the doctor didn't seem to concerned.
Heart rate was 144, and was very cute, as when the doc found it with the doppler it was very loud, but bub obviously didn't like being poked around, and rolled over very abruptly.
Bub is still head down, and I'm guessing things will stay that way for the duration now, thank the Lord!

My bloods (which I had taken yesterday) came back good, although with a slightly elevated white blood cell count. My doc said this is nothing to worry about, and is reasonably normal at this stage of pregnancy.

And that was pretty much the appointment! I have one more appointment next week with this doctor in Noosa, then we're back home to Toowoomba next Friday (boxing day), and I have an appointment at the antenatal clinic Monday week. It's meant to be my 36 week appointment but will be nearly 38 weeks, lol.

Anyway, all is still going well, becoming slightly less comfortable and getting over the braxton hicks, but doc told me today that from how the baby is positioned he's pretty sure we've got at least another week snug in my tummy!

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