Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mayana’s Week…

Some people (read: my mother) have been at me for another Mayana photo update. So here goes!

 IMGP3176  Mayana meets a tiny baby frog. Still in the stage between tadpole and froggy. She was a little unsure.

IMGP3181Mayana with Nana & Topsy. Content.


Mayana loves hanging out and ‘helping’ at the shed. She grabs Pop’s builder’s pencil, and runs around like a mad chook, measuring and marking like crazy. She takes it very seriously, and it keeps her occupied for aaaaages.


IMGP3201 Mayana has discovered that she looks hilarious with an orange bag on her head. She puts it on, runs over to the hallway mirror and laughs herself silly at her own reflection. It’s so cute!

IMGP3370 Mayana has adopted Pop’s chair. Not sure he’s too happy about it but we think it’s adorable.

IMGP3216  Enjoying the outdoor church service at Boondooma homestead on the weekend. We got lots of comments about what a good girl she was.

IMGP3312 Mayana’s first taste of damper! She was super impressed, and totally scoffed it down.

IMGP3330  I made Mayana playdough over the weekend. She quite enjoyed squishing it between her fingers, and had a couple of tastes.


IMGP3164 Totally stealing Pop’s chair. He was relegated to the footstool. Sorry Pop.

IMGP3381Mayana has a great love of corn, and she is mastering the art of eating it from the cob.


IMGP3393“Okay Mama, enough photos now!”


  1. AHHHHHH! My heart feels good now. Bethanie and I just read your blog with gooey looks on our faces. Love you all to bits. Mama. xxxoooo

  2. gorgeous phots Zoey. She's so cute!! Tan Tan

  3. Awww, she's adorable looks like our girls might be similar ages how old is she??

  4. Thanks Zoey for our Mayana 'fix'; just love these pix and the adorable expressions on her face. She is one happy little muffin!!! And look at her hair, beautiful! xxxx NanAnn and PopEv


Thank you!!


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