Saturday, 12 October 2013

18 (and a half) weeks


I realised just now that for Reuben’s pregnancy, remembering he arrived three weeks early, today would have been exactly half way through my pregnancy. I wonder if this baby will be ‘on time’. I’m sure after enduring an entire summer-full of third trimester, I won’t be minding too much if our lil Tadpole (who, by the way, Mayana has nicknamed ‘Tad’ – leave it to her to create a nickname from the nickname!) decides to make an early appearance!



So here I am.


Possibly half way through my third pregnancy, already. And I thought things went quick with Reuben! We have been busy, with holidays and booked-out weekends and I’m always busy even on home days with kids like Mayana and Reuben.

Third pregnancy is good. Once I was past that slightly nerve-wracking first trimester I settled into it well. The biggest difference this time is that I am so, so tired. With the others, once I got into the second trimester I sort of perked up in the exhaustion department, but that hazy fog isn’t quite lifted yet. Some days I feel like I’m in zombieland and more often than not I’m in bed next to Mayana at rest time. Thank the Lord for rest time! I mentioned my overwhelming tiredness to my doctor at my appointment this week, and he looked at me quizzically and said, pointing at Reuben, who was (as per usual) extremely active throughout my entire appointment, “You’ve got him…” pause. Then pointing at my mid-section, “and you’re growing that.” Indeed. He told me to take some vitamin B. I’ll just add it to the handful of tablets I’m already taking each morning and cross my fingers that it kicks in QUICKLY! Other than that and the super-achy hip thing (man OUCH! I constantly feel like I’ve spent the last few days in the saddle) I’m feeling well.

I’ve been somewhat more lax with appointments this time round too. I remember with Mayana I felt like I was at the doctor all the time. Less so with Reuben. And even less so this time. Poor third baby. My appointment this week was quick and breezy, quick check of the blood pressure (Reuben distracted me from seeing my result, I can only assume it was good since the doctor made no comment), stepped on the scales (no gain from last time, woot!), quick feel of the tummy (fundal height right on schedule) and I was handed a referral for my morphology scan. Once that’s done I’ll get referred to the midwives and probably be on more regular visits.

So next week some time we’ll be off to see our baby! And (big news everyone) unless it’s GLARINGLY obvious (like it kind of was for Reuben) we have decided… *deep breath* *gulp* tonotfindoutwhatwearehaving. I have discovered a very disgruntled inner control-freak since making that decision, but the decision has, thus and verily; verily and thus, been made. We have always said that we would have three children and then decide whether we would have a fourth, so this potentially could be our last pregnancy, and our last opportunity to experience this kind of surprise! It’s a little bit exciting, and a lot scary.. though I couldn’t explain why? Mayana surprised me by being very accepting of this decision. Not that she would have changed our minds, I just thought she’d feel more strongly about it. Funnily enough after being staunchly adamant that this baby is a girl since the beginning, in the last three weeks or so she’s begun to say that it “might be a boy you know mum, Reuben was a boy.” Indeed. Either way, there are literally no names at all that we like yet…. the one boy one that I was toying with got wiped off the list after a day of relief teaching last week! Luckily we’ve got a bit longer yet to come up with something.

In the last two weeks or so I’ve begun to feel lots of movement. Just little flutters at first, kind of like popcorn popping on the inside. In the last few days they’ve progressed to for real-kicks. I LOVE it. Our evening ritual is for Pete to lay his head on my tummy and talk to the baby and see what he can feel. Mayana likes to do the same, and proclaims she feels lots of kicks, but I have an inkling she’s making things up.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon with lots of pictures from Tadpole’s photoshoot!



  1. Gosh you are gorgeous. Really glad that everything is going smashingly. Praise God for babies!

    P.S High five on not finding out. I'm terribly impatient- I sneak a peek at my Christmas presents, I don't think I could handle the suspense of something as big as a BABY. Lol. It'll be fun though! :D

  2. Wow, feels like it is going so fast!! How exciting that you're not finding out! I was kind the opposite - happy to find out this time, but then she couldn't (wouldn't!!) check, and well, here we are. 34 weeks and just waiting for the surprise! It is a really awesome feeling opening up those legs and seeing what you've got "in the flesh"!


Thank you!!


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