Tuesday, 13 January 2009

baby drama...

Had a bit of a dramatic day today! Nothing too crazy but a little nerve wracking at points.

I did my blood pressure at home and got a reading of 145/98 and then 140/95. I wasn't 100% sure about my monitor at home so decided to go to my doctor to have it double checked, as my doc wanted to know if the Diastolic (bottom) reading was over 90 (making it more than 15 points over my baseline measurement). When they checked it at the doctors it was 150/100!! My doctor slipped me in between patients, did a urine test and checked bub, who is fine. After I'd lied down for a bit she tested it again and it was 145/95. She decided to ring the hospital and get me in for a CTG. My bloods and urine from yesterday completely ruled out pre eclampsia so it looks as if it's just pregnancy induced hypertension. My doctor said that she wishes I could be induced now, before the baby has a chance to get distressed, but the hospital probably won't play it that way.

Anyway, so I toddled off to the hospital for my CTG. They took my BP again and it was down to 140/80, but I was lying down so I think that's not really fair to compare to a seated reading. Bub is doing fine, the heartrate was steady and I don't think the CTG showed any contractions. They took even more bloods and urine to run more tests and then we had to wait for results. I started to feel a little freaked at the thought that they might make me stay there and I didn't have anything with me and wasn't prepared yet!! They sent us to the 'father's lounge' at birthing suite and gave us lunch because my urine showed that I was hungry and dehydrated (it was about 1pm by then and I hadn't eaten since about 7.30am). They eventually came back and said that my tests all came back fine, but wanted to check my BP again, and it was back up to 140/95. The obstetrician that I saw seemed to take it pretty seriously. In any case, they let me go, but I have another appointment with my GP tomorrow and if it's still high I wouldn't be surprised if they take further action from there. With any luck, bub will make a move tonight of its own accord!!!

I'm just so ready for this to happen, and have been feeling so calm about it but all this stuff that's happening now is making me feel fairly anxious. My GP told me that chances are with my BP playing up like this I may end up having to have an epidural to keep it lower. I just want it to happen!


  1. Praying for you and bubby Zoey! It'll all be ok, and just think this time next week it'll all be over and you'll have your beautiful healthy little one in your arms. Jess xo

  2. Oh you poor honey bun, you must feel like a pin cushion, all those people prodding at you. Think of your fave ice cream from Hastings Street. Cool, yummy and refreshing thoughts.. love you heaps xxx

  3. Hey Zoey. Everythings gunna work out great!~ God is good!

    How exciting :D

    Bet your pumped to the max.

    Good luck with everything, look forward to reading bout your newborn any day now :D


Thank you!!


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