Monday, 26 January 2009

1 week on

I feel...
In love, with my daughter and my husband.
Slightly overwhelmed. This is so HUGE.
I miss my mum!! Sookie that I am. I know that Peter and I are capable of doing this on our own, but it was nice to have that support here when I needed it.
Grateful - for our support networks, for the lovely people at church who are giving us delicious meals, for my amazing husband who is doing such an awesome job, and for how good of a baby Mayana is.
Tired! Even though Mayana is sleeping well, I think I'm still catching up for the almost 2 nights of sleep that I completely missed the night she was born and her first night.

Peter really is such an amazing Papa. And husband. Considering he has little to no experience with babies at all, he is so calm and relaxed with our girl, and just takes it all into his stride. This whole thing has just made me fall in love with him all over again.

I am enjoying being a Mama. I love my little girl so much. She smells so wonderful and she is so beautiful. I love just looking at her.. I can't believe that we made her... That God has given her to us and that we get to look after her and guide her through life. She is amazing.

Last night was our first night alone with our girl. She was a bit unsettled to begin with, and we're thinking it's because I had some chocolate yesterday. She cat-napped between 10.30-1am, she wasn't screaming or majorly upset, just wouldn't settle. We finally got her off at 1am, and our little champion slept right through until 8am!!!! We were very impressed. Her cord stump also came off today. We were glad, because it was a little icky - I wasn't coping with it very well, it was a Papa job. We also have another checkup with our doctor tomorrow, so hoping she has gained a bit of weight and gets a good report.

Anyway, enough ramble from me, off to see if I can give our girl a feed, then going to have a nice relaxing bath.



  1. I miss you too! I think about you all and get teary eyed and a lump forms in my throat. Keep up the beautiful job you are doing with Mayana. Just stay calm and listen to those amazing mama instincts that you have. I love you beautiful girl. Mama. xxxx ooooo

  2. Congratulations Zoey and Peter on your daughter's arrival. We have just arrived back in Aus. and once I unpacked I checked up on your blog. Love from The Geraldton Buma's XXOO


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