Thursday, 1 January 2009

The nursery...

Everything is ready... the room is just waiting for its little occupant. I LOVE it. I love being in there imagining our baby in the cot, sitting on the chair feeding, changing that little bum (which currently keeps poking me in the ribs) on the change table... *sigh*

I'm so happy with how it looks. I did a whole stack of drawings which are lined up around the top of the wall... the alphabet and numbers from 1-10. It looks very cute, and was a nice little finishing touch for the room.

Anyway, enough babble... some pics!!

My number cards... featuring fruits!

Bassinette will be moving into our room to begin with. Here is cot and change table. And my alphabet cards around the top of the wall.

More alphabet cards, and my mummy corner. Pete has also installed a dimmer on the lamp.. it's great and will be perfect for middle of the night feeds and not waking bub up too much.

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