Monday, 12 January 2009

quick update

Pete and I before our date night on Thursday. We went out for REALLY hot curry. Obviously it didn't work...

yes we're still here... in one piece but ready to be in two!!
My mum and sister and brother are now here and waiting...waiting.
I've had a few braxton hicks lately, some quite painful ones in the last few days, hopefully things will get moving soon. I am really hoping that I will meet my baby some time this week!!!
Off to my 40 week appointment in about 15 minutes ...(HOLY DOOLEY!!!! I'm 40 weeks pregnant!!!!)


  1. Oh sweetpea, you must be getting quite anxious! You look beautiful, love that top pic and Oh what a belly!!! LOL its beautiful too!! Hear from you soon xx

  2. Bubby has some pretty spunky parents awaiting!! Look great guys, hope you had a lovely evening.
    Lisa xx


Thank you!!


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