Thursday, 6 September 2012

hold them tight


I could have lost my princess this week. Seriously, I came so close I nearly weep every time I think about it. We had safely crossed the road, when my hat blew off and back onto the road. Mayana, thinking she would help me out, turned around and ran back to retrieve it, right in front of an oncoming vehicle.

It was the longest moment of my life. I screamed her name and she looked up at me, I started to run towards her, watching the car get closer, knowing I’d never get to her quickly enough. Thank God the man in the silver car had just turned onto the road and hadn’t yet reached full speed. Thank God he was paying full attention to the road – wasn’t distracted by something or the sun wasn’t in his eyes. Thank God for His angels around my baby girl.

That moment could have ended so differently. I don’t think I’ve ever felt terror like that in my life. Mayana has learned a really big lesson about why we have rules about being near the road, and why it’s so important to listen to her Mama. I have learned that even when we’re having days when behaviour is less than desirable and ears don’t seem to function, my babies are the most important thing in my world, and life without them is not something I can even contemplate.

So hold your babies tight, tell them that you love them, no matter what. I think I’ve told Mayana that ten thousand times this week.  I don’t think you can ever say it enough.



  1. That is terrifying. Even just reading your account made my heart leap into my mouth. Praise God that you are safe.

  2. Oh Zoey - goosebumps and chills and tears well just at the thought! Hold them close indeed x

  3. Seriously have a lump in my throat reading this and goosebumps. Thank you Jesus for keeping her safe!!


Thank you!!


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