Monday, 5 January 2009

39 week appointment

Sounds slightly scary right??

Even though the hospital's dates have me due on the 15th, making me 39 weeks on Thursday, my doctor is sticking to her date of the 13th, meaning that according to her computer I'm 39 weeks tomorrow!

My appointment went well.. my BP was a little elevated to begin with (123/92 - the bottom one is what my doc is concerned about), but when she took it again at the end of the appointment it had gone down (127/88). I have a BP machine to use every day at home, and if it's over a certain reading I have to ring my doctor. It's really not *that* high, but better safe than sorry I suppose.
Bubby's heartrate was a fair bit higher than normal, 158pbm, I guess bub was having a bit of a play in there today!

Bubby is still engaged at the same level... even though it feels lower! My doctor commented that I've dropped a lot. Bub's head is facing my right hip, which is why I can feel the hiccups there so strongly, which, by the way, occur every single night when I go to bed. Pete got to feel bub's head, which was really cool.

I have been prescribed 1/2 an hour of walking each day to get baby into the cervix. Bring it on I say!!!

I am starting to feel quite uncomfortable most of the time, although I'm sleeping better being back in my own bed. I also get really tired really quickly, so resting up as much as I can because pretty soon that's going to be a thing of the past (the resting, not the tiredness).

Sorry about all the baby-focussed postings lately, but what can I say, Get used to it!!! It's kind of taking over our whole lives at the moment, and it's about to get a whole lot more intense methinks.

In other news, Pete made me dinner tonight (spaghetti bolognaise) *AND* he's washing up!!! My husband rocks. A lot.


  1. this is really exciting i cant wait to find out if baby friend is a boy or a girl


Thank you!!


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