Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Midwife Visit and being home

Just a quick update!
We're really enjoying being home. All of us are much more relaxed here, and I love that I have my hubby with me all the time. Mayana is doing so well, I think because she senses that I am much happier here.

We had a pretty good night last night. Mayana slept a fair bit better than at hospital - she was more settled. We had a couple of feeds through the night, and Pete was able to let me sleep and snuggle with her when she was just fussing. I REALLY appreciated that.

My family went to Stanthorpe for Papa to do some business today - except for Bethanie who spent her last hours with us before going back home (has to work tomorrow). She left at about 12.30, after making us lunch etc. Lovely.

We had a couple of visits from a few friends who were all very impressed with our little daughter. She is enough to make anyone clucky!

The midwife also came for her visit today. She is very happy with how it's all going, and helped me to feel much more confident with what I'm doing because of how encouraging she was. She said Mayana is fantastic at feeding and I really have it down-pat so far. She really is good, as soon as she knows I'm ready to start she has her little mouth open ready to go in the right way, without any of my help. She latches on first go now and is making it easier for me too. Will be interesting to see how we go when my milk comes in! The midwife did her heel prick test for metabolic diseases which will be sent away to Brisbane for processing. She didn't bother with a second jaundice test because it has cleared up nicely. Mayana did her first wee of the day while the midwife was there, so she was happy to see that. She said that she doesn't think she needs to come tomorrow, but will ring to see how we're going. As long as I'm feeling good about it all, she won't come in because we're doing so great! But if I do want to talk to someone she will come out. It's a really great service.

Mayana did her first pooey nappy today! We were very excited, but I'm sure that is something that will not last long, lol. Mum helped me change her, and was stoked that I let her. I was quite happy for her to help ;)

In any case, things are going really great. Feeling very relaxed and just enjoying every minute. She's just so precious, and we feel so incredibly blessed.

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  1. Hi Zoey, it's excellent that you are all settling in so well. Very happy for you. Lotsa kisses all around!!!


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