Friday, 6 January 2012

A Peek At My Week (yes, already!)

I know, it feels like this is all I’ve been posting lately, but it is meant to be a Friday thing, and I have kept all my photos separated into weeks.

So here we go, my Peek at My Week contribution for the 31st of December to the 6th of January... the first week of our brand new year.


We have certainly started the new year with a bang. We’re about halfway through our Perth holiday, and having a fabulous time catching up with family and playing tourist. New year’s eve was in the middle of our biennial family reunion, Camp Buma. This year’s camp was held at a school, which sounds like a strange location but actually worked really well. The school had some really cool facilities, including a 30m abseil tower, and camp this year was filled with lots of adventuring and thrill-seeking.

In that first row of photos you can see some of our camp moments: the abseiling, a bunch of third generation Buma’s (Mayana and my cousin Jess’s kids) playing together, the lovely Louise and I hanging out with our gorgeous daughters, the very auspicious 24-man-spoon, (which even Oma was in on!) to bring in the 2012 (by far beating our 2010 and 2011 records!), and a selection of our amazing Dutch foods from Dutch Day.

That first photo in the second row if my little precious Mayana who was absolutely devastated to see the end of camp and say goodbye to her friends. I think there were a lot of us that felt fairly much the same. It was a fabulous time, and we had quite a few extras who weren’t able to come to our last camp – including some cousins from Canada who I had never met before this!

Most of the rest of this week’s photos are highlights from our time so far in the Margaret River region. Tonight will be our third and final night here, and we’ve had a lovely time. We’re staying somewhere much nicer than the kind of manky Backpacker’s Hostel that we stayed at last time we were here. I’ll post more on all of this when we’re home, I don’t want to use up too much of my holiday time in front of a computer!!

I hope you’re having a very happy New Year also!!

Please, if you feel so inclined, join in with my lil ole meme by adding your post to the linky at the bottom. I took my photos on Instagram (follow @zoeyjoyful) and I made my collage with Picasa!

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  1. What a magnificent holiday for you all.
    Enjoy squeezing those last precious drops of holiday goodness.


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