Saturday, 1 January 2011

happy twenty-eleven

Wow! Another new year, I can’t even believe it.

To me a new year is a blank canvas, a big fat What If. This year especially. Right now we’re homeless and jobless, and have no idea what this year holds. We’re hoping to find somewhere to live within the next month, and praying for more job prospects. And of course, setting ourselves up to do supply teaching if we need to. But it’s exciting too, because we’re home, where we want to be… where we belong.

How was your new years eve? Ours was spectacular. Our awesome interstate family has started to arrive for the wedding, and it’s just the best. So new years eve was lots of fun, complete with a 12-person spoon, oliebollen, noise, laughter and a year’s worth of catching up.

IMGP7126Plotting cousins… (scary stuff) IMGP7141Oliebollen!! Yum! IMGP714512-person spoon! (It’s a record! Our goal is to double it next year)

We have our family here for around three weeks, which is so exciting. The wedding is in three sleeps (!!!!) which is also very exciting.

This year is set to be a good one I think. The beginning of something awesome.

And now for reflections of 2010. I actually had a really good year. I loved the group of people I got to graduate with. In a bittersweet twist, I finally made close friendships in Toowoomba, only months before we left. Uni was hard, but oh-so rewarding. Prac was fantastic, and made me feel so empowered and cemented my love of teaching. Plus the ten weeks we spent with Nana and Pop during that time gave us the best memories, and created the most beautiful bonds between Mayana and her great-grandparents. I got to watch my gorgeous daughter turn into a toddler, and wow – what an amazing journey that has been. I celebrated my fifth year of being a wife, and marriage just keeps getting better. We finished uni, we moved home… yeah 2010 was a good year.

And to review my 2010 goals:

  • I will finish uni!!!!! Studying a full time course-load with 10 weeks worth of prac. Done!!
  • I will procure myself a job for 2011. Hopefully in a private school, not too far from my family. Not yet. Need a little bit more time for this one!
  • I will become a Mama of a toddler. My baby turns one in 9 days! I didn’t even have to try for that one!
  • I will make good and right decisions for Mayana. I will play with her, read to her, teach her, pray for her and love her. Done. This one is a forever kind of goal though.
  • I will keep in contact with my awesome WA family and continue to cultivate those relationships and bonds that developed during our holiday. Gotta love facebook!
  • I will do my devotion/Bible study (Christmas gift from Pete) every day, and NOT fizzle out by March. Fail. But in fairness, I did do a different Bible study for most of the year.
  • I will have more prayer times with my husband. Yes, but we still need to work on this.
  • I will continue to make things and be creative. Definitely fulfilled this one.

Over all, not a bad run really. I’m not making goals this year. I just want to do my best at being a mum, a wife, and a teacher. Plus I’m still working on my 24 by 24, and I don’t want to overdo things here.

2011 is going to start off with a bang for us. We have the family here, we’re three days away from the wedding… and my baby is turning two in just over two weeks! So bring it on I say, it’s going to be a year of good things for this family!


  1. Happy new year Zoey and family. Fingers crossed a perfect job (and house!) are just around the corner

  2. What fun! Hope you have a blessed year and enjoy having all the family in QLD - wish we could have been there! xx


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