Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Eve of Three

Today was Mayana’s last day of being two. Tomorrow, my beautiful 5lbs 2oz baby girl is turning three!


I feel like I should be saying, “Oh she’s growing up too fast!”, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I am absolutely loving watching her grow up. I’ve said it before, but I can still honestly say that I have enjoyed every stage of her life so far. And this transition time between toddler and pre-schooler is fabulous.


I feel like I’m really getting to know my daughter. She has an amazing vocabulary and I love that she can communicate everything to me. She has strong likes and dislikes (she does, after all, have Dutch blood flowing through her veins!) and a wonderful sense of humour. I can never get over her capacity to love her family friends and family so fully – they are her world!


She’s not much one for toys, unless they are very open-ended and lend themselves to great imaginations. Because Mayana is most certainly in possession of one of those! I’ve even caught her involved in a very complex play session at a cafe wherein two sachets of sugar were having an elaborate conversation! Blocks and books are both firm favourites, as is her play kitchen that her Papa made her. She has recently started a lot of role-play, particularly to do with being a Mama to her baby dolls, and anything to do with princesses or fairies.


Mayana is incredibly inquisitive, and loves all things to do with numbers and letters. She often will sit up in front of the computer and ask to ‘work on her numbers’. She likes us to open up a word processor, and will sit and type letters and numbers. She can consistently locate the letters M, P, O, B, K, L, N, J & C (most of which she associates with people’s names). She can also write the letters M, P, O, B and almost pulls off a K. Her newest skill is counting, she is getting very clever with her one-to-one correspondence, and is starting to recognise numerals. It’s sometimes hard work to keep up with her!


Of course, Mayana’s greatest love is ‘making things’. She likes to paint, draw, glue… and loves scissors at the moment. She likes to draw a line of any shape on a piece of paper and will very carefully and neatly cut perfectly along it.


I am excited that this is the eve of her third birthday. I think this year will see a lot of changes in my little girl, and I can’t wait to see what she discovers next. I’m especially excited to see her grow into her role as Big Sister.

I can’t believe that come tomorrow morning I’ll be the mother of a three year old!



  1. Beautiful post Zoey. Can't believe I'm a grandmother of a 3 year old! See you Friday night. Mama. Xxoo

  2. Super gorgeous. She is just wonderful. Happy Birthday M!


Thank you!!


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