Monday, 23 January 2012

Living Up To Her Name

Mayana Joy – who just gives so much joy wherever she goes.

It’s been rainy here, and Mayana loves to jump in muddy puddles. As long as they’re not too muddy. She also prefers them if they have no icky grass that sticks to her feet and legs. The huge puddle of water that accumulates in the corner of our driveway is just perfect. It sure gave her a lot of joy!
(Before we get to photos I just have to quickly share the part where she really wanted to wear her goggles and floaties to go ‘muddy-puddle-jumping’. We settled on just her togs, instead.)


And to warm up after a spot of muddy-puddle-jumping, there’s nothing like a bit of a chillax in a nice hot bath, and this time we let her take her floaty boat. Bliss.


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  1. These are really lovely photos! I really like the puddle ones...well, all of them really :)


Thank you!!


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