Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hello Three

Our beautiful girl turned three today.

She awoke to a phonecall from Kami & Opa, who along with their dog, Jack, serenaded her with ‘Happy Birthday’.

Then it was time to climb into Mama & Papa’s bed for presents!


I’m so glad I captured her facial expressions as she discovered each new gift.



A backpack for kindy (which she starts next Friday).


A fairy dress (which she wore for the rest of the day!)


A pair of sunnies…


Which made her very happy!


Charlie & Lola! Enough said.


And the infamous doctor kit. Which she found when we were unpacking our bags the other day. And got really upset over when we told her it wasn’t hers, and she insisted it was her Christmas present, which it certainly was not. As soon as she felt the package, she says, “Oh, this must be it – my doctor present.”


And she was right. She loves it!


I had time to squeeze in a quick facepaint before I headed off to work. For breakfast, she requested a yummy (boiled) egg, like she had at Camp Buma.


And we had her requested spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, followed by chocolate ice-cream, with candles in it. We’ll do the cake thing at her party on Saturday.

Other birthday highlights today included a visit to the library (one of her favourite places ever), coffee at Milosc (our favourite local cafe), watching her new Charlie & Lola DVD, and going to see Baby Two on the ‘hospital TV’.

We have also filmed a very cute little interview for her third birthday, a tradition that we hope to keep for each of her birthdays. I’ll share it once we’ve put it together properly.

Happy birthday my beautiful princess, I love you so much. Thank you for being your awesome self!


  1. Loved this Zoey. Made me feel as if I've shared the day with her. Love Mama. Xxoo

  2. It was a very awesome day that she had I am just so glad that I got to spend the whole day with her


Thank you!!


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