Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Let Us Make

One thing I really wanted to get done while I was on holidays was to properly unpack and set up my craft room (which Peter is still optimistically referring to as the ‘office’, but he’ll come around). Well I’ve cut it fine, but today, on my last day of holidays, it is finally done.





Most excited about this new development is Mayana (who by the way is celebrating her last day of being two today!), because this means that she FINALLY has a making space again. We (and others) gave Mayana loads of ‘making stuff’ for Christmas, and she has been very keen to get creative with it all.


Mayana’s Making Space 1: easel & making drawers


Mayana’s Making Space 2: The making table (first things she tried out today was her brand new watercolours).


It’s good to have all of her things organised again. We have evolved into two drawers of ‘making stuff’, and she was most excited when she opened one that is entirely full of various kinds of paints (watercolours, finger paints, acrylics etc). I’ve also started a basket of recycled materials for ‘box craft’, which is something she loves to do.


As for me, I’m pretty happy with shelves for my scrapbooking and sewing materials, drawers for my yarn and patterns and fabrics- and to have it all organised and accessible is fabulous!

Now I just have to wait for maternity leave so that I have time to get into it all!!


  1. I'm very impressed! Looks great. Can I come and get my craft on too. :) Mama xxoo

  2. Brilliant job.
    So inviting too.


Thank you!!


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