Monday, 23 January 2012

Party Like You’re Three!

We had a fabulous pancake party on Saturday, with wonderful friends and family, delectable pancakes and other goodies, delightful decorations, and most importantly, a very happy birthday girl!

The Party


We spent the morning preparing food and setting up the party zone: our beautiful front veranda. It was the perfect place to have a party.


We ate watermelon stars, frozen grapes, kettle corn, honeycomb, oreo lollipops, and shortbread. And of course, pancakes, with a great range of toppings: raspberry and strawberry syrups from The Berry Farm (one of our favourite places in Margaret River), maple and golden syrup, jam, butter, lemon and pink sugar, berries, ice-cream and whipped cream. What a banquet!

My Pop

We were very blessed to have some or our extended family travel for the party, and Mayana loved having her very special ‘best friends’ come too. This is the first birthday party she has had with other children in attendance!

The Party1

Mayana requested lots of dancing, especially to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ which she calls ‘Shuffling’, and ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. I love her eclectic taste in music. I also love the way she dances to ‘Shuffling’.  She found a packet of sidewalk chalk while shopping, and asked to do that with her friends at her party, so we did.


She ate and played and danced and opened presents, and had a completely joy-filled afternoon.


Then it was time for cake.


I loved making this cake. It was quite a process, I can tell you. And I’m not going to lie, I’m still super impressed with myself for pulling it off.


My rainbow layer cake, with passionfruit icing. Mayana told me that everyone would love it, and she was right! It certainly had the wow factor!


It also tasted very delicious!
Mayana definitely had a very happy third birthday party, and has been talking pretty well non-stop about it ever since. I loved being able to create a special afternoon for her, and am so grateful for all the people who took the time to come and share it with her – especially those who had to travel! Mayana loved that she got to have three nights of sleepovers- first with Kami, Opa & Oom J, then a night with her Godparents, Daniel & Katherine, and finally a night with Nana Joy & Poppy Goose. It’s been so lovely to have everyone around, and make some awesome memories with our girl.

Now all the festivities are over, and we’re settling into this new era of three-dom. Such an exciting time!

I'm playing along for Point + Shoot with Louise. You should too!

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  1. Wowser! The cake is spectacular! Sunny was super am I. I love the idea of a pancake themed birthday - so cool.


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