Wednesday, 11 January 2012

23 (and a bit) Weeks

This pregnancy is absolutely flying by. I'm sure the first 23 weeks of my pregnancy with Mayana took a lot longer than this! I had forgotten how much I love being pregnant... Watching my bump grow, feeling those first flutters, then feeling them turn into little thumps, then bigger thumps and spins and summersaults. I have again been very blessed with no morning sickness, and on the whole this pregnancy is very similar to my last. I have popped out a lot quicker this time, with my separated tummy muscles, and I guess as well from being pre-stretched from last time. This has caused me a fair amount of discomfort, with pelvic, hip and sciatic pain, and I'm very much looking forward to an appointment with a physio when we get home from holidays! We will also be having another scan soon after we get home, because Baby Two was being very wiggly during our last scan, and they weren't able to get good enough pictures of the heart. The doctors said they are not necessarily concerned, but I suppose it is within their duty of care to be sure. I am excited to be having another scan. We had only two with Mayana, at 7 & 19 weeks, and will have had four with this one (at 7, 16, 19 & 24ish weeks). Being pregnant on holidays has made these last few weeks go much quicker pregnancy-wise, and I have had fun showing off my bump and letting people feel Baby Two kicking as we've visited family. It was, however, a bit disappointing during the Margaret River leg of our trip, I do like me a spot of wine tasting. My wonderful husband has bought me a nice sampling from some of our favourite wineries to have my own private tastings after the baby is born. So all-in-all, at 23 weeks this pregnancy is rolling along very happily. I really do love being pregnant, feeling my darling move, and hearing Pete talk to and feel his unborn child. I'm looking forward to setting up the nursery and washing all the baby clothes and smelling that sweet baby smell and watching Mayana be a big sister... I'm so excited about being a Mama for the second time around.


  1. You look gorgeous! Second trimester and a fantastic holiday agree with you.

    Praying that everything is okay with your second scan and hooray- you get to see your perfect little baby again!

  2. Isn't pregnancy gorgeous - even with it's aches, pains and complications.
    Enjoy getting to see your lovely bub again.

  3. Pregnancy is such a wonderful special time!


Thank you!!


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