Monday, 4 April 2011

last night of 23

Tomorrow morning, when I wake up, I will no longer be 23… because tomorrow is my happy birthday!

So, in honour of such things, I thought tonight would be a good time to have a look at how I went on my 24 by 24 list. My initial thought is probably not too great.

But let’s have a look!

  1. Finish Uni. Yeah baby!! I nailed that one!
  2. Graduate with/maintain my GPA of higher than 6. Yes indeedy, I ended up *just* under 6.5
  3. Make the most of my prac experiences. I’m happy with everything I put into and got out of my prac experiences, and I can clearly see the ways the helped me to grow as a teacher.
  4. Get myself an awesome job. I have a fabulous job, but I credit God, not myself. Because how that happened was an incredibly amazing God-incidence
  5. Organise something really special for our 5th wedding anniversary. Not so great on this one. We did have a lovely anniversary, but not hugely special. We’re going to make up for it this year with a few nights away, including a trip to Melbourne in the June holidays!
  6. Keep making gorgeous things to sell at my madeit shop. See how far I can grow my ‘business’. My little ‘business’ certainly kept me busy last year, and especially in the months between finishing uni and getting a job. Once I feel like I’ve caught up with myself (and the office/craft room is unpacked) I really want to get back into it. I’ll have to do a few less custom orders this time round though, I don’t want to get too much on my plate!
  7. Learn how to knit. Unfortunately I was too busy sewing and crocheting to get onto this one!
  8. Make a crochet throw rug. I did, and it still takes pride of place on my couch in our lounge room.
  9. Make a crochet ‘granny square’ blanket. I’m working on this one. I’ve made about 56 of 98 squares… though technically they’re hexagons, not squares.
  10. Do swimming lessons with Mayana. FAIL.
  11. Get fitter… lose some weight. I’m getting there… I’ve even started running! My mum had to scrape herself off the floor when I told her that.
  12. Make more time to spend with my husband… to pray and read the Bible together more, and just have general ‘us’ time. Yes and no. I don’t think I’ll feel like we ever have enough time together, and I know we haven’t worked hard enough at deliberately making time.
  13. Take time out every day to just play with my daughter. I definitely try hard to do this one. Especially now that I’m working full time. Tonight we talked about hearts, and spent some time listening to each other’s hearts beating. Mayana was fascinated by the ‘boom boom’, and kept lifting her shirt up to see what was making the noise!
  14. Keep on top of Mayana’s 365 Journal (remind me to blog about that some time!). Epic. Fail.
  15. Sew Mayana’s flower-girl dress for my sister’s wedding (yes Bethanie, I’ve decided to make it!). Another fail. I got too busy sewing other people’s Christmas presents (and loving it).
  16. Read at least 5 books of the Bible. I did this one, I read almost half of the books of the New Testament. Awesome stuff. Reading the Bible makes me journal a lot about the new things I’m understanding. And it makes me want to read and learn more. You should try it some time…
  17. Learn more about photography and editing photos. No time, unfortunately. I have enjoyed playing with my camera, and taking lovely photos though!
  18. Learn more about Blooms Taxonomy and how to apply it to my teaching. I’ve done a little of this, but not near as much as I would like.
  19. Try some new and exciting recipes. Yes and I have big plans for even more. Can’t wait for Master Chef to start again and grow some inspiration!
  20. Have monthly date nights with my husband – even if it’s just a picnic on the lounge-room floor. Fail! We go well for a couple of months and then not. Now that we’re living so close to my sister though, we really should start using here.. haha
  21. Buy an akubra hat. Because secretly I want to look like/be a McLeod’s Daughter. This I did. But I’m not totally happy with it, and am on the lookout for a more perfect one.
  22. Run a giveaway on my blog. Yes’m I did!
  23. Properly be a part of the music team at church. I was, for a few months when we were back in Noosa. And I have been asked to join one at our new church here! So I’m going to give myself that one.
  24. Write another song. I’ve started a bit of one off… I have the tune and a few lines of the chorus, but it’s still a work in progress.

So there you go, 12 completely crossed off, and about 5 that are real works in progress. I guess half is a pretty good shot.

I’m pretty happy with the things that I did manage to cross off though! Especially those first few :)


  1. I'm waiting for the clock to tick over so I can say happy birthday, but I just can't sty awake much longer... Happy birthday for tomorrow, anyhow!


  2. Happy Birthday! I think that's a pretty successful 24 by 24 list.

  3. Happy Birthday! I think you should be pretty proud of your efforts with that list Zoey!

  4. Wow, you did so well with your list! You should be so proud of yourself :) I hope you had a fantastic birthday. It was so good to meet you at the blog meet last night.
    PS I LOVED your outfit, it was awesome
    PPS I LOVED your goodie bag item - I will be visiting your madeit shop for sure!


Thank you!!


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