Tuesday, 19 April 2011

After the party

So once the wonderful blog meet adventure had wound up, we were far to pumped to just go to sleep. We went back to our hotel room and saw this wonderful view…


Which inspired us to take a midnight walk into Southbank to take photos of the beautiful city lights over the river.

Us country bumpkins felt kind of brave wandering around the city in the middle of the night, but it was lots of fun, and we very much enjoyed taking photos and experimenting with our camera.

IMGP8858 IMGP8842 IMGP8855 We walked back to our hotel room and finally went to bed at around 1am. And the really awesome part was that we got to SLEEP IN! It was after 9am when we woke up, and I honestly cannot even remember the last time we managed that. Bliss I tell you.

We strolled back over to Southbank for a beautiful breakfast. Oh how I love breakfast dates. We also treated ourselves to a ride back to the city on the Green Cabs service. It was fun, but reminded me a little of the time that Kirk tries to start a green cabs service in Stars Hollow, only he can’t ride the bike when Rory and Lorelai are in the back. Let’s just say some parts of it were a pretty slow ride!!

We dabbled in some window shopping in the city, stopped off for a favourite drink, and finished off our time in the city with a quick trip to Ikea.


I love visiting the city. I don’t love driving in the city, and I wouldn’t live there, but I do love to visit it.

And I had the most fabulous weekend with my honey!

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