Monday, 4 April 2011

fasta pasta

Peter and I have made pasta before, and on the weekend we decided to give it another go. In our previous attempts, we have used the food processor, but this time we decided to do the whole thing by hand. After a false start which very regrettably included using up our last store-bought egg which turned out to be rotten, we successfully made our very own pasta dough with 100% fresh free-range eggs graciously donated by our lovely chooks.

Half of it we turned into ravioli with roasted pumpkin, spinach and herbs (our newest attempt at getting our pasta-obsessed daughter to eat more food/vegies.


The other half turned into fettuccine


To which, once cooked, we added a delicious sauce made from cream, white wine, garlic, bacon, onion and mushrooms. Oh my. It. Was. Delicious.


We were rather impressed with ourselves, I must say. Fresh pasta is super delicious, and really very easy to make, especially once you’ve got the hang of both holding the pasta as it comes out of  the machine so it doesn’t stick to the bench, at the same time as winding the handle. In fact, we have resolved that we are going to make it a more regular part of our cooking. Especially if the sneaky ravioli works!


  1. Oh yum! Love making pasta, but don't do it nearly enough. Might have to try your fettuccine asap!

  2. We love fresh pasta. In fact, we don't have any other type! The ravioli sounds delish- I haven't tried that combo before!!


Thank you!!


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