Monday, 4 April 2011

Point + Shoot: Rice Rice Baby

Part of my role in my job at the moment is rewriting the Prep/Kindergarten curriculum. Crazy right? One of the fun things I get to do is lots of research about Prep-related things, and last week I spent some time studying the many benefits of sensory motor activities. One of my favourites is rice play.

Mayana has had a rice tub for a couple of weeks now, but in my Prep research I found the awesome idea to make rainbow rice. Of course, in the name of research, I had to try it!


It’s very simple. All you do is put some rice in a large ziplock bag (make it about 1/3 to 1/2 full), put in two tablespoons of white vinegar (which helps to set the dye) and a capful of food colouring. Shake and shake and shake until it’s evenly coloured. Spread the rice on a tray, and put it in a very low oven (or in the sun) until it dries out.

The verdict: Huge success… rice play just got even funner!!

If you want to do this as an activity at home, we bought a shallow tub from Big W, and a 5kg bag of rice. Mayana uses the toys pots and cups from her toy kitchen, and a few bits and pieces from our kitchen. We also do fun games like burying the pieces of her peg puzzles, and she digs them out to complete her puzzle. This can keep her busy for at least an hour, and that’s a looooong time for a two year old!


This is my first ever entry for Point + Shoot, now hosted by my gorgeous cousin Louise over at Sunny + Scout. Go join in!!


  1. Yay! Thanks for joining in Zoey! I was going to ask you the other day how you dyed the rice when you mentioned it on FB - what a super duper idea. How on earth do you contain the mess though?! Do tell!!


  2. That's a great idea- might have to give this one a go!


Thank you!!


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