Monday, 4 April 2011

big girl room

After being in our new home for nearly 11 weeks (really? that long!) we have finally sorted out Mayana’s room properly.


We packed all of her baby toys into a crate and reorganised things and I’m so happy with how it all looks.


She’s actually spending time in there playing now,and loves to read books to her teddies in her cubby house.


We had planned to buy some more shelves to store Mayana’s toys, but after our big clean out we found that we don’t need to.


The ‘playroom’ also had a bit of a makeover. I think the paper lanterns are a nice touch in Mayana’s cute little nook.


  1. The lanterns are so cute! I also love the cubby house- wish I had one of those in my room!

  2. What a beautiful bedroom! Looks like a perfect place for a little girl to grow up in!

  3. Very cute! I love little girls rooms :D

  4. Love it Zoey. Looks like a great place for Kami to visit!


Thank you!!


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