Monday, 26 April 2010

24 by 24

Well now that I’ve been 23 for a month, I thought I might put together one of these lists that seem to quite the done thing on so many blogs these days.

24 things that I’d like to have done over the next 12 (nearly 11) months of my life… by my 24th birthday. That’s if I can come up with that many. Here goes… (in no particular order, just in order they pop into my head)

  1. Finish Uni.
  2. Graduate with/maintain my GPA of higher than 6.
  3. Make the most of my prac experiences.
  4. Get myself an awesome job.
  5. Organise something really special for our 5th wedding anniversary.
  6. Keep making gorgeous things to sell at my madeit shop. See how far I can grow my ‘business’.
  7. Learn how to knit.
  8. Make a crochet throw rug.
  9. Make a crochet ‘granny square’ blanket.
  10. Do swimming lessons with Mayana.
  11. Get fitter… lose some weight.
  12. Make more time to spend with my husband… to pray and read the Bible together more, and just have general ‘us’ time.
  13. Take time out every day to just play with my daughter.
  14. Keep on top of Mayana’s 365 Journal (remind me to blog about that some time!).
  15. Sew Mayana’s flower-girl dress for my sister’s wedding (yes Bethanie, I’ve decided to make it!).
  16. Read at least 5 books of the Bible.
  17. Learn more about photography and editing photos.
  18. Learn more about Blooms Taxonomy and how to apply it to my teaching.
  19. Try some new and exciting recipes.
  20. Have monthly date nights with my husband – even if it’s just a picnic on the lounge-room floor.
  21. Buy an akubra hat. Because secretly I want to look like/be a McLeod’s Daughter.
  22. Run a giveaway on my blog.
  23. Properly be a part of the music team at church.
  24. Write another song.

There. I did it. Actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it was. Soon you’ll find this list over in my sidebar somewhere, where I’ll cross off items as I complete them. Wish me luck! And why not have a go at creating your own list?


  1. Wow about the GPA of higher than 6- mine dropped below that long ago! Well done:) I'm learning about blooms taxonomy atm as we have to apply it to our unit plan for prac. Its interesting, just a little complicated at first. yay for date nights, being part of the music team at church and doing swimming lessons! Good luck with everything:)Jess T

  2. GPA higher then 6! Goly, you're smart!!

    I LOVE Bloom's Taxonomy- I think it is one of things I try to apply the MOST in my teaching design. It is so, so importan and such a great theory!!

    It looks like we have lots of similar things on our lists!

  3. Thanks for sharing your list Zoey! I haven't written one out, but the one in my head includes learning to crochet this year. I tackled knitting last year and found it really easy and fun. The best way to learn is by you-tubing it. Helps for learning and re-watching some of the trickier stitches or for defining what the abbreviations mean. I'm sure you won't have any trouble picking it up. Love reading your blog and catching up on what your family is doing. Take care!
    Sami xx


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