Sunday, 1 August 2010

who is this child?

And what has she done with my baby??

I swear, every day Mayana is looking less and less like my little berry, and more and more like a big girl.

She’s so much fun to have around though, and I wouldn’t swap her and all her big-girlness for anything!

some photos of our cherub this week…. IMGP5372

A friend of mine sent me this gorgeous outfit by Noo Designs. It came with the pants and top, hat, bib and little booties. So dang adorable. IMGP5376

I put the bib on her just to take the photos, but for some reason she thought it was completely hilarious and refused to take it of. She would pull it up over her mouth and nose and then laugh herself silly. It was very funny. IMGP5379

She’s just the cheekiest kid around! IMGP5403 IMGP5408 Mayana and her Papa were having loads of fun in the bath tonight, as Mayana discovered she could stick her foam letters to her head. She called me in to look, and was awfully delighted when I took photos.


She even got Papa in on the act!

She’s such a clever kid, we were playing with her foam letters in the bath yesterday, and I stuck them on the wall and told her different names which begin with the letters… N for Nanna, L for La-La, H for Happy (which made her sing the song if you’re happy and you know it) etc. I would mix the letters up and ask her where they were and she would point at the right ones!!! Tonight, when Pete pulled out the ‘N’ she straight away yelled out, “Nanna!!!!”.

She totally blows me away with the things she understands and remembers.

She’s also settled into her new daycare routine.. she’s three days in a row now, and it seems to be helping with her sleeps. This week she slept for more than an hour every day, which sure beats the 30 minutes or less that she seems to have always done until now. She’s still having two hour naps at home, and it’s nice to have a little reprieve from her very constant busyness.  She also has settled into her new big girl bed – it’s been a far less stressful experience than I was expecting.

And that’s about all of our Mayana news for this week!

I hope your weekend was wonderful..

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  1. So thankful I have you!! The photo's are wonderful and Mayana is growing up soooo fast. She is adorable, and a clever lil miss. Love, love, love you all. Give her big cuddles from NanAnn and tell her we still have the chookies and still getting the eggs, but miss her helping me LOL xxxxxx


Thank you!!


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