Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Berry…

She’s had a fun week this week.. here are some photos for your viewing pleasure! IMGP5492Mayana went to her first birthday party this week, her friend Laylah. She spent most of the time playing on Laylah’s slide, and being mothered by lots of Laylah’s school friends – which she coped with a lot better than I actually thought she would.  She ate lots of party food – stationed herself right in front of the chip bowl.

IMGP5435 Deep thinker…

IMGP5447 Mayana LOVES these pyjamas. She has a thing for owls at the moment. She loves them. It’s one of her newer words, and she knows that they say, ‘hoo hoo’.


She has also been showing a lot of interest in her ‘bah-beees’ (a little set of twin dollies we bought her at the toy sale). She found a pile of wrapping paper and a basket and busied herself making a bed for them. They have to sit in her toy pram while she eats dinner, and she checks their nappies and puts them on the potty routinely throughout the day. I only just caught her trying to put one of them on the big girl toilet. It would have been bye-bye baby that’s for sure!

IMGP5468 IMGP5455This looks like a bottle of bubbles, right? Well no, apparently it’s her bath baby. She wraps it up in a washer and rocks and pats it and tells it to ‘shhh’.

IMGP5461 We go on prac again in about three weeks (eek!!!! bit scary!), and we have been preparing Mayana for another few weeks with her Nana and Poppy. She has this set of foam letters which stick to the wall in the bath, and we line up the ones that begin all our family member’s names. The clever little miss can point out which one stands for Nana, Mummy, Papa, Boo, Lala, Opa, J & Kami! She blows me away with the things she can remember and understand. She’s so clever! This is her pointing out ‘Nana’.

Aww love her!


  1. love the new update :) shes very clever :)
    where did you get the foam letters??

  2. Thanks Bev! We got the foam letters from the Target toy sale last year. Great value!

  3. She's so talented isn't she! I guess having soon to be teachers as parents is pretty handy! Are you considering home schooling in the future?

    Congrats on raising such an awesome little girl.

    I can't wait for my turn. Not long now :)

    Have a good day!


Thank you!!


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