Monday, 26 July 2010

My Big Girl

Mayana is just looking so TODDLER at the moment. It kinda pulls at the heartstrings a bit, my baby is not so much a baby anymore!

But at the same time, I love it because she just gets to be cuter and more fun every single day.

This week has been a week of Big Girl Firsts.

For example; on Friday, we turned Mayana’s cot into a Big Girl Bed. Very exciting.

The first morning, we heard her wake up and make the discovery that she can now climb out of bed! She pulled out books, tried on hats, and played with her toys.

Today, she had her very first day sleep in her big girl bed.


I was a little worried that we’d have a battle on our hands to get her to stay in bed. Sure enough, a few minutes after leaving her room I heard her pulling books out of her shelf. I went in, and talked to her sternly; “Right! It is sleeping time Mayana Joy, you need to be in bed. It’s not time to play. Get back into your bed now!”. She quickly scrambled up into her bed and promptly burst into tears! She did not think much of getting into trouble from her Mama! I told her she could have one book to have a look at before she went to sleep. Five minutes later we peeked in, and she was fast asleep, clutching tightly to her book. Funny chook.

She also did her first wee-wees on the Big Girl Toilet. Once at daycare, once at home. We were super impressed at home, because she initiated the whole thing by telling us she needed a wee-wee, and actually producing one when we put her on the toilet! I’m so looking forward to having a fully toilet trained girl, and it’s nice to know we’re heading in the right direction.

IMGP5370 She’s just so adorable. I love her to bits.

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  1. Wow, big beds and toilet training already. Mayana is only a few months older than Will, so I always read your blog and figure out what's coming up for me next...but can I handle this? :P


Thank you!!


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