Thursday, 26 August 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today was my very last day at uni!!!

Well, we are having a celebration day after prac, but this was our last day of actual learning at uni. I can’t believe it. As in, it really hasn’t sunk in yet, at all.

It’s been a long five years, for both Peter and I, and it’s so amazing to be at the end of it. At the end of one road, and at the beginning of a new and incredible journey. Far out!

I’ve loved this year. I was so nervous about starting this year with a bunch of strangers – my original cohort having graduated last year. But I can honestly say, I have loved being a part of this group of people, and I’m so proud to be part of their group of graduates. I have made wonderful friends, and I truly hope they’ll be a part of my life for many years. How soppy is that!!!

So it’s the end, but not really the end- and I think that’s why it hasn’t sunk in properly. I’ve still got one assignment to hand in by Monday, followed by 6 weeks of internship, then two more assignments. For now I’m going to try and focus on one thing at a time though. And today, I’m focussing on the fact that I no longer have to climb all those dang stairs in G-Block, I’ll never again have top poke at Peter to stop him falling asleep in lectures (okay so that only happened once and he had a pretty bad flu), and most of all that I had a fantastic last day.



  1. Weeee!!!!! Congratulations :)

  2. What a big 5 years it has been! Newly married, uni degree and a beautiful baby girl to add to the mix. What a busy, amazing women you've been. Papa and I are so very proud of you and all that you have achieved. Love you soooo much. xxoo Mama.


Thank you!!


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