Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I just finished reading….

Lots of things. I read so much. Maybe too much? I don’t know if that’s possible, but I do read a lot. I adore it. But I’m sure I’ve talked about all that before. And I have a whole lot of these types of posts lined up to finish and publish.

You can always have a look over there ----> in my sidebar if you want to see what I’ve been reading.

I recently finished reading the book, Her Mother’s Hope, by Francine Rivers. Now, Francine Rivers is one of my favourite authors. I’ve NEVER read a book of hers that I haven’t LOVED. I very highly recommend her books.


Her Mother’s Hope is her newest book, and possibly one of her best. 500+ pages of Francine Rivers is just a little bit like heaven.

The story follows the story of Marta, as she escapes from her hard and sad family life in Switzerland to become a ferociously independent woman who begins a new life for herself in the US. She finds love, and starts a family and her life takes another huge turn, as she follows her husband into a hard life of farming.

The story explores the effects Marta’s childhood have on the way she parents her own children. We follow the story through as Marta’s daughter grows up, and begins her own independent journey – though with such a different heart and intention than her mother, and with no idea what it is that makes things the way they are between her and her mother.

I just love big sagas like that, that follow generations along until you feel like you know the characters. The relationships in this story are fascinating, and so interesting. I honestly couldn’t put it down.

Best of all? It’s part of a series, so in September, there will be more!


  1. Zoey! I admire your willpower to wait this long to read this one!! Either that or I was just so FR starved that I had it in my hands the day it came out... I think I might read it again just before the second one comes out. Didn't you love it?! Oh, but it made me so sad, the way Marta was with her daughter...When I read it (usually S was sleeping) I just wanted to wake her up and give her a cuddle!!
    Hanging out for #2...

  2. Oh Louise I LOVED it! I actually read it a while ago now, I just forgot I had this post sitting here waiting to be published!

    And I agree, it was so very sad how Marta was with her daughter, when in her heart she saw things so very differently. I wanted to shake her and tell her to communicate with her daughter!!

    I can't wait until the next one comes out, and am a bit bummed that we'll be on prac somewhere far away from Koorong when it does. Hmmm I might have to do me some internet shopping!

  3. Ooooh Zoey can I borrow this one off you? I was waiting for a month or two before I got it because I wanted to reward myself after doing some uni work...but now decided I want the reward now! If you have it and would lend it to me I'd probably read it in about a week since I don't have a child to distract me...otherwise I'll buy it, especially since you said its great!:) Jess (Thorne)

  4. I love Francine too, but am waiting to read her latest until I have the second one in the series as well...I've heard the story ends in the style of 'to be continued' - and I am terribly impatient! :)


Thank you!!


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