Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Owl!! Hoo hoo!

That’s one of Mayana’s favourite things to say that the moment. She’s really into owls for some reason.

So when I came across this incredibly delicious fabric at Felix Loves Fabric’s eBay store I couldn’t resist.

I was so delighted when I received it, it’s so gorgeous. Mayana’s eyes completely lit up when she saw it, she wouldn’t let me put it back in the envelope! She spread it out on her lap and pointed at all the owls, saying “Owl. Hoo hoo! Pretty!!”. And she’s so right.

I have a few plans in mind for the different blocks, and tonight I’ve finished off plan number one.


IMGP5633 I’ve appliquéd my favourite square to this t-shirt, and added a cute and frilly crocheted border. I think it sets off the gorgeous print perfectly, and I’m very happy that it turned out pretty much exactly how I imagined it.

I also made this t-shirt for Mayana tonight…

IMGP5635IMGP5636  I’ve done a lot of sewing lately, but it’s been a while since I’ve made something just for my girl, and I really enjoyed it. It was even worth the huge burn I’ve given the inside of my elbow with the iron (yeah, ouch!).

Keep an eye out for photos of my little cutie-patootie modelling these in the near future :)

Oh, and I have t-shirts similar to the second one available on my facebook page. I can also make to order, in almost any size (subject to availability!)


  1. Wow! The crochet around the owls makes it look SO good!!

  2. Gorgeous, can't wait to see the other things you have planned - I bought the same panel but I can't bear to cut it up yet haha! Silly fabric obsession.


Thank you!!


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