Sunday, 15 August 2010

What a weekend…

IMGP5512 We drove to Brisbane… to meet my family half way. Because they missed me so, and we all missed them.

Mayana was so excited to see everyone. She was waiting at the top of the stairs and as each of them came around the corner, she exclaimed their names… “Boo!! Lala!! J!! Kaka!!! (Kami) Opa!!”. They were pretty excited to see her too.

We met up in the city, and strolled around the museum, and on a whim decided to visit the science centre. It was such fun!


IMGP5520 Mayana & Jordan… heads on plattersIMGP5522 Just in case she didn’t feel little enough already…IMGP5524 Crazy spinny tunnel… I think we’re all on a slight lean…IMGP5525 New favourite photo. I know there’s a new one every week, but you gotta admit this one’s pretty special.IMGP5527 Boo and MaisieIMGP5529 Playing chimes and taking it all very seriously.IMGP5533 Playing twinkle little star on the thongs and PVC pipes. Best instrument ever.IMGP5538Alexie and I and our dream bodies… teehee.

We walked across the bridge into the city, and my sisters shopped and I wished the clothes looked good on me. But that’s okay. We had Hungry Jacks for lunch, you know, in that creepy 3 story one right in the mall. And there were pigeons in there which made it all the more creepy.

Then we walked back to Southbank, flew past the markets. The family left and Mayana cried, which made my mum and sisters want to cry too. I wanted to cry, but only because my feet were killing me (note to self: do not wear boots next time you’re walking around the city all day).

Then I bumped into a friend from uni, who graduated last year and now lives in NSW. It was a fabulous coincidence. Mayana took a great liking to her boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure he liked her a fair bit too.

Then we went home, and half an hour later I got picked up for a ladies night at church. ‘Twas great.

Church today… then home for naps. Spot of shopping in the afternoon, and a delicious dinner for the three of us.

IMGP5542 Papa gave Mayana nutella sandwiches for lunch, can you tell?

And there’s our weekend!! I need another weekend now, to recover from this one.

I hope your weekend was lovely too. I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. It was such a lovely day. Love hanging out with you guys. xxoo See you on the weekend. Mama.


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