Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Make it Yourself {Ribbon Board}


I saw something like this at the markets the other day, and instead of paying the $20+ they were asking for it, I decided to have a go at making my own. I’m so glad I did, because it was super incredibly easy, and cost me next to nothing.

All you need is:

* A Canvas (mine is 30cm x 30cm, and cost me $3.99 at a discount store)
* A piece of cute cotton-print fabric to fit over the canvas (I used some I already I had)
* Thumbtacks ($2.20 for a box of 200 from a Newsagency, I used about 20 of them)
* Some ribbon and ric-rac (I used some I already had)
* Some hooks (I used these ones from Ikea, which I already had. These hooks have plain hooks, as well as hooks with clips attached- they are meant to be for hanging shower curtains)

Cut the fabric to the right size, so that there is enough to wrap around the edges of the fabric and pin to the back. I cut it with pinking shears, to keep it neat and stop it from fraying, without needing to do any sewing or overlocking. Then you simply pin it onto the canvas.


The frame of the one I had bought was reasonably soft wood, and quite easy to push the thumbtacks into. I pulled the fabric nice and taut as I pinned each side, so that there were no creases and the fabric was tight across the surface of the canvas.


I made sure the corners were all tucked in and folded neatly.


Next, I picked a variety of ribbons and lace and ric-rac from my collection, and arranged it in a way that I thought looked good. I ran two lengths of fabric vertically down the board, but you could do more if you wanted. Again, I cut these long enough to wrap around to the back of the canvas, and pinned them in place with thumbtacks.


I plaited together three colours of ric-rac, and pinned them horizontally along the top of the canvas, to hang the clip-hooks from.


I used the thumbtacks to secure five of the normal hooks along the bottom of the canvas.


And that was it! All that was left to do was to clip Mayana’s hair clips and bows to the lengths of ribbon, attach special hair-ties and headbands to the clip-hooks, and hang her hair-ties on the bottom hooks. I attached it to the wall Command Brand Picture Hanging Strips (which are completely fabulous for renters, I’m totally in love with them at the moment!)


Mayana loves it, and for once all of her ‘hair-candy’ is in the same spot, and easy to find. And – bonus – it also looks *really* cute hanging on her bedroom wall.

So have a go! This would have to be one of these easiest projects around.. no sewing.. not even any glue! I reckon these would make great presents for little girls, and all for about $5.00!

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