Friday, 27 August 2010

Can you point your fingers and do the twist?

Mayana can.

She can also stand on one foot and shake her hand; rock-a-bye her bear; roll down the sand dunes and do the knickerbocker number nine.

Yes, my daughter has discovered The Wiggles!

I’m most impressed that she can sit in front of a Wiggles concert DVD for over half an hour, and actually stay focussed on it. She stands up and sings, and follows all the actions.

I’m quite happy she likes the Wiggles. They do have educational value, and as far as kiddy music goes, they’re not so bad. I kind of love that the Wiggles are wowing their second generation of kids.

As yet she hasn’t been exposed to Dora, and I’m putting it off for as long as possible in the hopes that she won’t be interested – purely because that show drives me nuts!!! Same with In The Night Garden and the new Hi-5. So for now, we’re sticking to Wiggles and Vegie Tales.

Gotta love the classics!


  1. I know what you mean, I showed William his first Wiggles song on my laptop the other day and he was entranced.

    Other than that, it's Vegetales all the way! Hoping he never realises who those other people are- although he does have an infatuation with Elmo, even though he's never seen an episode of Sesame Street!

  2. Ah the Wiggles...Sunny's just started liking them all of a sudden here too! Especially Rockabye Your Bear, oh my that song is top of the charts at our place. I don't think I could get her to stay in front of the TV for more than 10 minutes though...and that's only in front of Thomas the Tank Engine or maaaaaaybe Charlie and Lola.



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