Sunday, 4 July 2010

This week I...

  • Found the perfect bridemaid's shoes for my sister's wedding. She was in Dubbo at the time, so we had this frenzied session of mobile phone photos and phone calls before getting the bridal stamp of approval. It was pretty awesome because there were only 1 pair of size 6 left (me) and two pairs of size 7 (the other bridesmaids). AND they were on sale. 
  • Perfected a design for crocheted fingerless mittens/wristwarmers. They're pretty darn cute. (Even if I do say so myself).
  • Watched a fair bit of TV on DVD. It's the best way to do it. No ads. I have the complete series of both Gilmore Girls and McLeod's Daughters, and I bought my husband the first two seasons of Big Bang Theory for his birthday. It's our favourite comedy, and it's safe to say that Sheldon would just about have to be my favourite TV character at the moment. It makes me laugh out loud. My father nearly dies of an asthma attack every time he watches it. And he doesn't even have asthma so that's saying something!
  • Watched the season return of Packed to the Rafters. Which is pretty much the best show ever. I think every family can relate to them in some way. Everyone seems to love it (at least judging by the amount of Rafters-related facebook status updates on Tuesday!). I love that it's a show about family, where the Dad is not a total tool (that is a pet-hate of mine - how all dads are portrayed as idiots in the majority of TV shows), and where the mum and dad still love each other, and kiss and hold hands (and obviously other things too, judging by the recent addition of little Ruby Rafter.... wah wah wah), and the brothers and sisters have arguments and mock each other but love each other to bits and would fight to the death if an outside attacked one of them. Aahh I just LOVE it!
  • Visited My Favourite Hairdresser, and got an awesome new haircut and colour. Yes again. It's dark brown, but a warm-beige based brown, so it still had lots of shades of red and other vibrant colours when I'm in the sun. I've not been this dark before and I have to say I'm loving it. I didn't really get a haircut so much as a fringe cut. The rest of my hair stayed the same. I have now have a quite thick blunt straight-cut fringe. I. Love. It. A lot. It's a lot more high-maintenance than I usually go for - I mean I have to actually straighten it to make it fulfil it's potential as an awesome hairdo, but it's so worth it. I look hot (at least according to my husband, mum, sisters and even brother!!!).
  • Went to the toy sale at Big W, and bought Mayana her very first babies. Yes there are two, and I'm now apparently a grandmother to a plastic set of twins, affectionately referred to as, "Mah-Buh-beees" (my babies). Mayana is in love, and carries them around patting and singing to them, and checks their 'nappies' and proclaims, "phooooooooo-ey!!!". She also loves to kiss them a lot. 
  • Spent a day doing bridesmaid's duties with my sisters, the other bridesmaid and my mum. We visited the reception venue for a meeting, and then went on a hunt for the perfect veil and shoes.  The veil practically found us, but no such luck with the shoes. Apparently we have to wait for the next season for white shoes to come out. Which I think is pretty dumb, because don't brides need white shoes all year 'round? Seriously.
  • Went to Starbucks TWICE! This is pretty much a lil taste of heaven for me. I adore Starbucks, and we don't have one in my town, and the Noosa one went ka-put in the great Starbucks-Shutdown (a very sad day in my family). So it was quite a treat. In case you're wondering, I had a Grande Caramel Mocha, and a Grande Caramel Java Chip Frappucino. And I savoured every last drop. Mmmm.
  • Went to a lovely wedding of a friend (actually the guy who was the MC at my wedding). It was in Maleny, at the bride's parents GORGEOUS property. It was outside, with a most picturesque gully as the backdrop, topped off by a brilliant blue sky with perfect whispy white clouds. It was freezing. 11 degrees when the wind wasn't blowing -- and that didn't happen too often, believe you me. The bride and bridesmaid (the bridesmaid was actually the maid-of-honour in my wedding) both had strappy-type dresses, and very large goosebumps. They also wore awesome sneaker-type shoes. The bride had custom-made sunflower ones (sunflowers are the favourite flower of both the bride and groom, and were the theme of the wedding), with their names and wedding date on the backs, and the bridesmaid had funky high-tops. It was cool, you couldn't really see them, but when you're getting married in what is essentially a cow-paddock, it's definitely the practical option. And I bet it made for super-cool photos. The wedding was lovely, and the reception was great. The groom's speech was so darn romantic it bought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine how the lovely bride felt, having it written about her!!! I'm so happy for the both of them, and so very jealous of the MONTH LONG EUROPEAN HONEYMOON they left for today.
  • Had a fabulous day at church. My family did the music, and can I just say we sound pretty darn good when we all sing together in perfect harmony (even if my dad is a harmony-stealer). My dad also preached, and did it very well. I'm so proud to be in my family! 
  • Enjoyed watching Mayana play with her little cousin Hannah. When I say little I mean that she is four months younger than Mayana, but she is actually bigger in size. They were very cute together, and shared many hugs and kisses. I just hope Mayana didn't share her cold (sorry if she did Lisa!!).
So yes, it's been a busy, eventful, fun week, and so awesome to be spending it with my family!! I love being up here, and can't wait to be a full-time coastie again (fingers crossed!! We're praying for jobs around here somewhere when we graduate, and at the very least we'll have 3 months here).

I hope you enjoyed my update, and I'll have to pop back with illustrative photos (especially of my hairdo and the gorgeous wedding) sometime soon!

I hope you've had a lovely week also, I'd love to hear about it!!

Later gaze...

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  1. sounds great!! I had a busy ish week too:). I caught up with an old school friend for dinner, got my hair done (darker, with blonde streaks so its not too noticeable!), hung out with my brother, sister-in-law to be and her little girl Lorelei, who is possibly one of the cutest little 2 yr olds I've ever met (except maybe for Mayana, who by the way is one of the cutest 1 yr olds I've ever met!). I watched Dora- lots and lots of Dora the Explorer- and Packed to the Rafters (was great!). I avoided doing my teacher registration. I have driven about 500km this week all up. I have talked weddings until my ears nearly fell off. I spoiled my niece-to-be rotten, went out to lunch twice and dinner twice! And that is about all:) I hope your week this week is equally as lovely Zoey. Jess x


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