Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Stress Head

So today was the first day of my last semester at uni. That’s right folks, in about 14 weeks or so, this phase of my life will be OVER. It’s awesome. And totally and utterly terrifying.  And the fact that our uni lecturer today announced that we must no longer refer to ourselves as pre-service or student teachers, but as beginning teachers just adds a whole other element to the overwhelmedness I’m feeling (see I’m even inventing words here!).

I think along with the rest of my cohort, my head feels about ready to explode about after finding out what the next 14 weeks hold for me.

I have six weeks of uni, on campus, during which time three assignments are due, and I have a buttload of paperwork and application processes to start going through so that I can, you know, get a job next year.

After that I have six weeks of internship (with two weeks school holidays in the middle, how awesome!). After that we have one week at uni, and two assignments due. And then IT’S DONE!!!!

And how about this… two weeks after that happens, our lease expires and we become homeless! What can I say, my life is crazy.

At this point I’m choosing to focus on the first six weeks of this journey, and then go from there. Because if I think about what happens after November 11 (the date we become homeless), I sort of start to hyperventilate a little.

Wish me luck people!!

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