Thursday, 15 July 2010

10 Happy Things

  1. Mayana gained 0.5kg over the two weeks we were on holiday. She’s now just over 9kg! (According to the Wii Fitboard anyway, which is generally pretty accurate)
  2. We had friends over for dinner last night. It was really lovely, and we should do it more often.
  3. I’m going on a movie date with my husband tomorrow, to see Shrek Forever After, in 3D.
  4. Tomorrow night we’re going to a concert to see one of our favourite bands, Sons of Korah. They sing the Psalms, and their music is amazing.
  5. We made an awesome lasagne last night, with fresh home-made pasta. It was delicious.
  6. Making pasta with Pete was lots of fun. We love cooking together.
  7. Mayana is the cutest kid in the entire world! She’s starting to talk a lot more, and communicate beautifully – it’s so nice to know what it is she actually wants. I’m LOVING this age, so so much.
  8. TV on DVD. Seriously, it’s so much better to watch TV shows like Gilmore Girls, McLeod’s Daughters, Big Bang Theory, Full House & Friends sans the ads. And sans the 24hour-week long period you usually have to wait to see the next episode.
  9. Big Bang Theory. It was definitely a good choice of birthday present for me to buy my husband. It is SO funny, and clever, and I just love how every episode makes us laugh out loud.
  10. I got featured in the weekly email newsletter last week. It was so thrilling, and I’ve made quite a few sales at my madeit store because of it, which is very exciting. Watch out Spotlight! I have $$ to spend!


  1. weight your kids on the fitboard too! It's so much fun to watch them grow!

    P.S By 'kids', I obviously mean kid. As in singular. Sorry- tired :)

  2. I love Big Bang Theory too, and Friends!! And I agree- watching TV on DVD is a million times better then actually watching TV! Considering we don't actually HAVE a TV, this is our only option now- but I definitely don't regret it!


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