Thursday, 15 July 2010

Moments in the life of…

…pretty much the most gorgeous nearly-18-month-old in the whole world.  I’m not that biased. Really. Check her out! IMGP4934[ Discussing important matters of lunch…]

IMGP4959 [Either Mayana has become a giant, or that cot was never intended for her…]

IMGP4965 [I love you… You love me….]

IMGP4999 [Graduated from the baby-type swing. And boy does she hold on tight!]

IMGP5005 [This play fort was a display at a home and garden show we went to. Mayana went all gung-ho on us and climbed and slippery-dipped very independently for a lot of the afternoon. The people who were looking after the display were blown away, and said that they’d seen 4 year olds too scared to climb up there. My child has no fear.]

IMGP5016 [Case in point]

IMGP5068 [Baby likes to dance. This is at the fabulous Rock and Roll Cafe. I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before. As soon as we get there, Mayana likes to dance. Apparently the cool babies dance with their backpacks on. Mayana has a thing for her backpack at the moment, even if it is nearly as big as her!]

IMGP5156 [Slow dancing with Stella. It was beyond adorable. She’d watched us danced, and grabbed Stella and held her in the appropriate position and boogied away.]

IMGP5158 [Lovin’ the Stella. Stella is Mayana’s ‘sleepy toy’ which she has to have to go to sleep. They love each other very much.]

IMGP5183[Toilet training. The journey has begun. Wish us luck!!]


  1. loving the new photos
    she has grown so much and look at her hair its getting so much longer now :)
    she is so animated i love it

  2. Lots of big kisses for my darling 18 monthser granddaughter XXXX love you to bits!!!


Thank you!!


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