Sunday, 18 July 2010

Bye-bye baby… hello toddler!

It seems my baby’s baby days are all but gone…

Little Miss Mayana-Berry is celebrating her 1.5 year birthday today, taking that impressive step into toddlerhood.

And surprisingly, I’m not pining away for baby days. Nope, I’m revelling in this toddler stage. In fact, I’m loving it!

Mayana just gets more beautiful and gorgeous and adorable every single day. She is learning so much, and every day is a new discovery for her. She may still be tiny in stature, but her huge personality more than makes up for it. She has a wicked sense of humour, and more love in her than she knows how to contain. I love getting to know her.

I love the way she drops what she’s doing to run over for snuggles and to shower us with kisses. She’s never short on smiles and she loves to sing.

She talks more and more every day. Her newest word is ‘glasses’, and her among her cutest words are, ‘yes please’, ‘thank you’, ‘w-are you’ (where are you), and when she calls me, ‘my-mummy’.

She loves to sing, ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Galumph Went the Little Green Frog’, ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, and knows all of the actions.

She’s very caring, and if one of her little friends is sad, she’s always got a cuddle to share and a pat on the back.

She loves to play my electric piano and to draw; most of her time at home is spent doing one of these two things.

This week, she is going into a big-girl (toddler) bed. She won’t sleep in sleeping bags anymore, and is starting to actually stay under the blankets. She feeds herself nearly all of the time, and can wipe her own hands and face after she eats. She tells me when she needs her nappy changed, and points to the toilet door exclaiming ‘wee wee!’ when she wants to have a go on the big-girl toilet.

She really is becoming a big girl. A gorgeous, independent, affectionate and wonderful big girl. My big girl.

I love her a little bit more every single day. And I will never stop thanking God for choosing me to be her Mama.

Love you little Mayana-moo. Happy one-and-a-half birthday.

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  1. From little things big things grow! I love you Maisie Bean. xxoo Beautiful entry Zoey (love you too by the way!). Keep your blogs coming, I love them. Mama. xxoo


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