Wednesday, 21 July 2010

She’s Still Gorgeous

We’ve had a pretty lazy few days. I’d like to say it’s because we’ve been soaking up our last few days of freedom, but unfortunately it’s because I’ve been sick. I thought I had missed out on the icky sinus infection that my two loves had suffered over the holidays, but alas and alack, it was not to be. Let me tell you; sinus infections are NOT glamorous.

So suffice it to say that our camera has been less than busy this past week.

Lucky for you, even though I was not, Mayana was (and is) still totally gorgeous, and I did manage just a few snaps for you.

IMGP5265IMGP5255We went for a walk on the weekend and discovered that we have no less than four parks within walking distance, much to Miss Moo’s delight!

IMGP5240 I think this is my new favourite photo. They’re watching a little video that we took on our holidays of Mayana playing with her ‘Lala’ (my sister Alexie). She LOVES it and is constantly finding the video camera and wanting to watch it. She cracks up laughing every time.

One day soon, I’ll put that video up on you-tube so you too can delight in its cuteness, promise.

Sorry for the minimal amount of photos this week, but hey it’s all about quality, not quantity, right?


  1. Sweeeet. I have similar photos of Mike & Miss E. It's a lovely stage isn't it?

  2. Gorgeous!! and Gorgeous!! AND Gorgeous!! LOL What can I say? She's gorgeous (and so is he)!! Hope you are feeling much better xx

  3. Ah she's so cute!

    What was I doing that is so funny to her?

    I'll have to watch it sometime.

    Love to you all and extra kisses for mayana.


  4. Lala: It was when you were doing some weird thing where you zoomed a drink bottle at her head and then made a weird noise when she bumped it, and it made her laugh histerically. Lol. She LOVES it


Thank you!!


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