Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Chinese Steamboat.

My lovely husby had a birthday last week. He’s now 27. But as he likes to say, “you’re only as old as the woman you feel”. Ha.

He had two birthday dinners, one with his family and one with mine. Lucky boy.

With my family, he requested a fun and interesting meal which we saw on Better Homes & Gardens a few weeks ago (one of my husby’s favourite shows), and which he has been wanting to eat ever since. Chinese Steamboat. Click the link for the recipe. Seriously do it, you’ll love it.

It was awesome fun. You make this delicious broth, and cut up a million vegies and bits of meat. IMGP4798

We had a pretty good range, including these awesome varieties of mushroom…

IMGP4806 I didn’t really want to eat them, it was so pretty!!

Then you put your choice of food into a little basket, and cook it in the simmering broth. IMGP4814 IMGP4816

Oh so delicious, and oh so healthy! Plus the fact that we’re all sitting around talking, laughing, eating and drinking together for a few hours … what’s not to love!!

Seriously. Try it!

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