Monday, 5 July 2010

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Going back a week or so… I made pancakes for Pete’s birthday breakfast, and Mayana surprised us both buy eating four-and-a-half of them! We may have found a new favourite food.

IMGP4829 She’s really getting into this whole x-box thing.

dog bowl shoes

Apparently dog-food bowls make a great alternative to roller-skates…

IMGP4845 The delicious backdrop to the wedding we went to on the weekend. How glorious is that!!

IMGP4878   The gorgeous bride, groom, chief bridesmaid and best man.


Me and my mummy. And my awesome new hairdo.


  1. I LOVE your new hairdo! And that bridesmaid dress is so nice- quite unconventional. I like it! I can't believe how Mayana is turning into such a little girl- definitely not a baby anymore!!

  2. Gorgeous pics Zoey. I agree, Mayana sure is growing up. Love the look of concentration on her x-box face. The wedding looked lovely... love a good wedding!

  3. I was so watching her in church the other night = she is totally adorable! And I love the x-box pic.

  4. Ahhhh....pancakes. You have no idea the monster you've unleashed. :)

    William is nuts for pancakes, every time we have them he eats more than the two of us adults combined. He also recognises the shaker mix in the cupboard and reaches out for it.

    That xbox photo is the cutest photo ever :)

  5. 2 beautiful girls!!! Tan Tan


Thank you!!


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