Tuesday, 6 July 2010

50 things...

This week is the 50th Blog This challenge. I have been a bit slack lately, and haven't entered one for a while, but I thought on this special occasion, it was time to get back on the wagon.

To mark this special occasion, the challenge was issued to write a list of 50 things... any 50 things. So my chosen topic is this: 
50 Things I Love
  1. God
  2. My husband
  3. My daughter
  4. My future children
  5. My family - all eleventy-billion of them. 
  6. Hot baths...
  7. ... with yummy smelling fancy lotions and potions in them
  8. Fabulous books.
  9. Great haircuts
  10. Stationery
  11. Getting invited to people's homes for meals
  12. Inviting people to my home for meals
  13. Talking about Mayana (hey, she's gorgeous alright, I can't help it!!)
  14. Crocheting
  15. Sewing
  16. Creating in general
  17. Making music
  18. Listening to music
  19. Shopping with my BFFs (aka my sisters and my mummy!)
  20. Cooking with my husband.
  21. When my husband does the washing up
  22. Making and wearing awesome jewellery
  23. Other people buying and loving the things I've made
  24. Blogging
  25. Playing with my daughter
  26. Watching my daughter discover the world
  27. Hanging out watching TV with my hubby.
  28. Getting flowers from my hubby (and yes Peter, if you're reading this, this IS a hint!!)
  29. God's beautiful creation
  30. Living in Australia. I seriously think it's the best country on earth.
  31. New Zealand.
  32. Reminiscing on beautiful childhood memories and other special moments.
  33. Dreaming about the future
  34. Teaching and making a difference in kid's lives
  35. Getting distinctions and high distinctions at uni
  36. Learning about how to be a better teacher
  37. My engagement ring
  38. Really good anti-pasta platters (like the one we had at the Berry Farm in Margaret River - I practically salivate every time I think about it)
  39. Waking up next to my hunky husband every morning.
  40. The smell of rain
  41. Having big family get-togethers where we all just go crazy and talk over the top of each other and sing silly songs and laugh until our stomachs ache.
  42. Easterfest! And all the crazy sleep-deprived fun that goes with it.
  43. Weekend get-aways with my husband
  44. Going out for breakfast
  45. Movies that make me cry
  46. When my husband tells me that I'm gorgeous
  47. Knowing that God loves me unconditionally
  48. Being pregnant. (And no, I'm not pregnant right now, but I will be again one day, and I LOVED it last time).
  49. The fact that my daughter is starting to talk. It's unfathomably adorable, and is going to make life so much easier. 
  50. Getting comments on my blog!
And there you have it folks.... 50 things that I love! Now get yourself over to Blog This, and check out the awesome plethora of prizes that could be yours if you too enter this week's challenge!

Later Gaze!


  1. I love your list!! Just perfect!

  2. Great list! So many of your top 50 things are in my top 50 too :)

  3. Great list, I especially agree with #30

  4. Number 33 is one of my favourite hobbies.

    Great list Zoey


Thank you!!


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