Sunday, 11 April 2010

another new ‘do

I had my hair done yesterday. I can’t actually remember for sure the last time that I went, but I think it was before Perth.

It’s the first time in about six years that I haven’t gone to my wonderful Mel at Salon Unique. I felt a bit like a traitor, but I just really couldn’t get back to the Coast this time.

So instead, I went to a lovely lady named Shannon who has a little salon in the town where my grandparents live… where we start prac tomorrow (eeeek!! More on that later).

I went a little darker than I usually would, but with these really awesome briiiiiiight red (like the same colour as my glasses) foils in through the bottom. I love them! I also got a fringe cut back in, because I was looking through some old photos of when I used to have one and decided I like it and wanted it back.

I am quite happy with it all really – and she was the same price as my wonderful Mel, so it’s all good.

Anyway… here’s the new me:



You likey??

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