Tuesday, 27 April 2010

more rings than keys…

This week’s theme over at Hello Owl’s my place and yours is: What’s on your keyring?

Well this is mine:

IMGP3421As you can see, I have more rings than keys! I have a key for my garage door, a key for my parent’s front door, and six (!!!) keyrings. Even I don’t know how it ended up to be that many! The Minnie Mouse was a present from my friend Penny from Disney Land in Las Vagas. The star is from my heart sister a few years ago. Then of course my Aldi trolley token. My USQ keyring. A bottle opener that used to be on the car keyring- I’m actually not sure why it’s on mine now. And my newest acquisition, my awesome shoe keyring. Pete bought it for me the day before my birthday. ‘Cos I liked it and he’s good like that! It’s cute huh?

Now, show me your keyring!!


  1. Oh my goodness it took me awhile to find the actual keys. This meme was made for you.

  2. snap ... i have a mini mouse S and the Aldi token! LOL Love your taste.

    My Place and Yours

  3. awwwwwww you have got the cutest things on your keyring..my fav is the sneaker

  4. I love it!!

    I've always had cute keyrings, but I don't have one after my last one broke!

    Must get one!! :)


Thank you!!


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