Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Mayana Fix

Because I know I’ve been slack with photos of our Berry since we’ve been away…

IMGP2909 IMGP2890 IMGP2894Mayana discovered the joys of running under a sprinkler!

IMGP2948 Mayana and her buddy Topsy! They’re best buddies and can’t get enough of each other. Mayana no longer calls all dogs Jack. They are now, “Doggie”, but she can also say Topsy and Sam, which are two of Nana and Pop’s dogs. She’s still not sure about the Jeda, their third dog. Topsy is by far her favourite though.

IMGP2953 BUBBLES! Definitely one of Mayana’s top five favourite things ever. Quite often we hear her sleepily mumbling, ‘Bubbles’, as she wakes up, and it’s the first thing she asks for when we get her up.

IMGP3051 Mayana got to meet her new cousin (my cousin’s daughter) Keira Isabel last week. Can you believe she’s only six weeks old!? She weighs in at less than two kg’s lighter than our 15 months old Mayana-Berry!

IMGP3064 Mayana and Nana make the daily treck down to the shed to see what Pop’s been up to.

IMGP3087 She’s really enjoying her time with Nanna.

IMGP3097 Our clever little bean is no longer merely a destroyer of towers… no, she can now build them too!! Her record so far is six blocks high… and she gives herself a big clap after each successful stack.

IMGP3147 Sometimes the spaghetti just tastes too good to waste time using a spoon!

IMGP3158 For some reason Mayana thinks Nana and Pop’s shower is the place to be. Any chance she gets she sneaks in and just sits there.

IMGP3160 She is getting cheekier by the day. This photo really captures her personality. She had just completely emptied her cupboard of cloths, and climbed up the three lower shelves to sit up inside it. I must say I was quite shocked to find her there! She was incredibly proud of herself.

You might notice that she is getting bigger! We are definitely noticing a big difference in her height, and yesterday we weighed her (with clothes, wet nappy and shoes on) and she was just on 8kgs. I’d guess the clothes, nappy & shoes would be worth 100-200g, but even so, whatever Nana’s been feeding her seems to be working!

She’s been a very good girl while Mama & Papa are at school, and not creating too much mischief for her Great-Nana. She especially enjoyed having Keira here for the week and being able to visit “bubba” each day. She’s also spent some time at Great Aunt Nelly’s video shop, ‘helping out’.

We had a mini-drama on our first weekend here. She started running this crazy temp, and cried and cried, wouldn’t eat, just was not herself at all. It was Saturday night, and when she wouldn’t even calm down in the bath I knew there was something wrong. I followed my gut and took her up to the hospital. She turned out to have quite a bad urinary tract infection. Poor little bunny. After a 10-day course of antibiotics, she’s doing much better. We have to make an appointment for an ultrasound next week just to check everything out. Of course out here, that means a 1.5 hour drive to the nearest town-with-an-ultrasound-machine. So wish us luck with that!

Hope you enjoyed your well-overdue Mayana fix!!


  1. Love that shot of Mayana in the cupboard - totally adorable!! :)

  2. Love all the pix, miss u all, big kisses and cuddles from NanAnn and PoppyEv


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