Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easterfest: Friday

I hope you don’t mind too much, but I’m going to do this in three separate posts. We took some awesome photos… lots of them, and if I do too many in one post my computer has heart-failure.

So. Friday.

Most of my family arrived on Thursday night, and the rest got there Friday morning while we were at the Good Friday church service.

After a quick catch-up, and some present-opening (my dad had just got back from China and had gifts for us all), we trecked off to the park.

If you don’t know, Easterfest is an awesome three-day Christian music festival, conveniently held in the town where I live. So I have an incredibly packed house over the Easter weekend, but I LOVE it! This is the tenth Easterfest that my family has been to!

We saw some awesome music on Friday.

First stop was the Watoto Children’s Choir. These little darlings are so energetic and beautiful and awe-inspiring. I love them!


Mayana also very much enjoyed dancing along to their beautiful music (all decked out of course in her baby-ear-muffs to keep those precious ear-drums safe!).

IMGP2079 IMGP2076
Next we stopped off to see Melissa & Tricia Brock, the two wonderful girls from Superchic[k] speak about their experiences sponsoring children through CompassionIMGP2087
Then over to a very special event, and one of my favourites of the whole weekend. It was called the Empty Chair Project, and it consisted of a 19-piece big-band who performed songs with a number of different headlining artists. The other artist’s styles ranged from contemporary to rock to screamo (!!! Yes really!) and rap, and the big band backed them all. The arrangements were AMAZING, and I cannot get over how clever and fantastic it all was. The whole show was topped off by a surprise proposal! The guy who did all the arrangements invited his girlfriend to the stage (she thought she was going to sing) and the big band played a most incredible piece of music which he had composed and then he proposed! It was soooo romantic!  This is Jeremy from New Empire doing his thing with the Big Band:
Mayana also got to enjoy some time at ‘Kids Island’ – a fun little area set up with a whole lot of fun activities for the kiddies, including a Veggie Tales theatre, a bubbles tent (aka Mayana Heaven), face-painting, various crafts and other exciting things. Mayana loved drawing on the huge chalk wall, and very much appreciated her balloon flower.

IMGP2092 IMGP2100

Then before we knew it, it was time for Mainstage! This is the main event of the day, and tonight it was showcasing the following: ‘Planet of the Stereos’, ‘Article One’, ‘Compliments of Gus’, ‘KJ-52’, ‘New Empire’ and ‘Superchic[k]’. It was very fabulous! IMGP2140 This is Compliments of Gus. They’re one of my favourite bands EVER. I have loved them since the first time I saw them at Easterfest ten years ago, and I love how their style evolves every year and they just get better and better.

IMGP2169 Mayana coped very well thoughout. Having umpteen pairs of more than willing arms helped of course. Here she is with Kami playing with a glo-stick-ball a friend gave her.

IMGP2186 This is KJ-52. he’s a rapper/hip-hop type muso. Not a style that I’m generally into, but I was suitably impressed by this guy. He had awesome crowd control, and I loved watching the thousands of people down in the moshpit (from my safe little spot on the hill of the amphitheatre) as they swayed and jumped to his every command.


IMGP2237And this is my angel-baby. Yes she actually slept! She woke up when the music stopped. Ha. What can I say.

After the mainstage show, Peter and I went all ‘sacrificial parents’ on everyone, and took our little bean home – she wasn’t going to go back to sleep, and we knew that she needed it with the rest of our big weekend ahead! It was the first time in ten years that I haven’t stayed for the last show of the night! But I can deal, lol.

Oh yes, Easterfest is AWESOME! Stay tuned…

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