Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easterfest: Saturday

We started day two with a traditional breakfast-in-the-park. We have a little ANZAC memorial park across the road from us, and the little eating area and BBQ there is bigger than my kitchen. As such, it’s easier to cater for 14+ people over there. So there we went, for pancakes and bacon. Mmmm.   IMGP2384 IMGP2377 IMGP2380
The first show we headed to once we hit the park was Spacifix. We discovered them last year and did not want to miss their only show of this year’s festival. They’re such good fun!
We flitted around for the rest of the afternoon, catching bits and pieces of various bands from around the seven different stages. Soooo much music to enjoy I couldn’t decide where I wanted to be half the time!

Mayana of course enjoyed some more time in Kids Island…
IMGP2420 IMGP2415

Before we knew it, it was time to head over to Mainstage again. Tonight’s headline acts were: ‘Glen Kaiser Band’, ‘Playjerise’, ‘Sanctus Real’, ‘Stan Walker’ & ‘The Newsboys’.

Mayana really enjoyed listening to all the music, and playing with all the people who wanted a piece of her!IMGP2438 
This is Sanctus Real. I really had only heard of them on my Veggie Rocks CD, where they do a cover of the song ‘I Can Be Your Friend’. However, when they started playing, I did recognise a few of their other songs. I loved them. Really enjoyed their music and their message. I even bought their album. IMGP2459

Stan Walker was possibly the biggest surprise of the whole festival for me. I have to admit, when the announcement was made that the ‘surprise headline act’ was him, I did roll my eyes a little. But man, he was awesome! He led one of the most awesome praise sessions of the weekend. I loved his heart.  He has such an awesome passion, and I really pray that he never lets go of it, and isn’t scared to share it, because he has a very big anointing and amazing gift.IMGP2465

My poor little bean was soooo tired. She didn’t go to sleep quite so easily tonight. But she did enjoy the music and did eventually crash.

And of course, the main event of the night: Newsboys. They’re my husband’s favourite band ever, so he was pretty excited. And I am also definitely a fan. They always do a fabulous show and this year was no exception.

IMGP2514 Recently, the Newsboys have acquired a new lead sing: Michael Tait previously of DC Talk. Most people I talked to were a little dubious about how they’d go together, but we were all very impressed. Perfect combo. They did a fun combination of of new and old Newsboys stuff, with a little bit of DC Talk thrown in for good measure. Loved it!
IMGP2597And so did the rest of the MASSIVE crowd!
IMGP2517  IMGP2520I would love to know how many people were there -  I honestly could not get over the size of the crowd. It was so awesome!

Once again we left after the Mainstage show on Saturday. Mum came with us this time. Mayana had awoken once again, but we made a pact that even if she was awake on Sunday we’d be staying till the very end. Because it just wouldn’t be Easterfest otherwise!

Stay tuned….

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