Friday, 6 November 2009

We treed.

You may remember we were trying to decide whether or not to put our Christmas tree up early… Well we decided yes. I’ve never put a Christmas tree up this early, but I wanted to get a chance to enjoy it before we go on our Big Trip.

We’re off tomorrow to the Coast for two weeks for Pete to do prac, so decided to do our Christmas decorating today and come home to a beautiful Christmasy house. S7304524

Pete always puts our tree together. It’s such a great tree. We got given it for our first Christmas together the year we got married. We originally had this tiny little poxy second-hand one that was only big enough to set up on a table or something. Anyway, I was so excited about Christmas – we were having it at our house – and some friends from church heard me going on about it. My mum told them about my little sad pathetic tree, and next thing I know they drop around this gorgeous great big brand-new one! Mind you it took up nearly half of our little granny-flat back then, but we loved it. Still do.  S7304527

I have always decorated the TV unit since our first Christmas. It’s my little tradition. Pete thinks I’m funny, sticking dress-makers pins into the cabinet to hang my little Christmas bears, but I think they’re cute. S7304528

This wall decal is my newest decoration. I bought it at the cheap shop in Mundubbera for around $4.00! Cute huh? S7304529

We have a plastic pink el-cheapo star on our tree. I’m going to invest in a new and gorgeous one at the post-Christmas sales for next year. S7304532

Ta-daaa!!! Pretty huh?? We have a kind of pink and green theme. Can’t imagine who would have chosen those colours, can you? It’s a bit pink heavy at the bottom, as they’re our plastic baubles, which we thought it would be safest to have at Mayana-height. I’m really happy with our tree this year! I think it looks great. Pete wants to get some more lights for it though, so once that’s done I’ll take a piccie at night.

 S7304533 S7304534 S7304535 S7304536

These are some of our special decorations. We each have a bauble with our names (I have a purple one to make up with Mayana’s name). The spiky bauble is one I made myself. They’re so easy to do, and look really great on the tree. And our ‘Just Married’ bauble, which I made for our first Christmas.


We put the tree up while Mayana was having her morning nap. She was so excited when she saw it. She kept saying, “Dere!” (There) and pointing at it, and “Dat!” (That) as she touched various decorations.  S7304543 We are able to block of the area where it is, so hopefully we won’t have too many runaway decorations!


Ah I love Christmas!!!!


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  2. Hey Zoey,
    So jealous you guys have a christmas tree & that it's up already. We don't even have a Christmas tree!! HAHA. Oh how I love Christmas. Mayana looks like she's found a new plaything!!

  3. looks great! You have inspired me to put ours up early :D


Thank you!!


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