Tuesday, 17 November 2009

busy like a busy bee

Hello blog. Sorry for being sooooo neglectful lately. I’ve been so buys. So much to do. We’re staying on the coast at the moment, Pete’s doing prac.

I’m busy being a Mama as always. The Mayana Berry has been particularly inquisitive lately, and is doing lots of new things. Tomorrow, she will be 10 months old!! Amazing!

I’ve also been busy making. I’ve got some jewellery orders to work on, including formal jewellery for my lil sister’s formal on Saturday. She graduates tomorrow!!! I’ve also become slightly addicted to crocheting. It’s so cool!

I started off with making handtowels.. you know like the ones grandmas make … a tea towel with the crocheted top that buttons over the oven handle?? I’ll have to take some photos of the ones I’ve done. My Nanna taught me how to do it. Then she taught me to make flowers, and I have used them to add to my collection of baby headbands and hairclips for sale! Now I’m thinking about Christmas decorations, camera pouches… the lists are endless!

I’ve also made a prototype of a sleeping bag. Mayana will be keeping this one, it’s not quite right but it’s helped me figure out how to make it perfect. So at some stage I’m hoping to get more of them made. I also have to work on Mayana’s Christmas dress so it’s ready for her to wear for our family portrait which is booked for when we get home.

So unfortunately my poor little blog is being neglected. But once all these projects are completed, this blog won’t know what’s hit it with all the pics I’ll have for it!

So stay tuned…

In the meantime, go check out my madeit store: www.madeit.com.au/particularlyzoey and have a look what I’ve been working on!

Zoey x

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  1. Sounds like life is going full speed ahead, glad you're enjoying the ride.

    Mum and I are making our own type of Woombies (sleepsacks) for Aidan. Can't wait to see yours.


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